SRU 2020 Member -in- Training Educational Poster

General Information
Members-in-training are encouraged to submit abstracts for electronic posters that will be available for meeting attendees to review, with an opportunity to discuss the content of those posters during designated times during the meeting. These electronic posters will be presented in PDF format and available to attendees using the SRU meeting application. Abstract submissions will be reviewed by the SRU Research Committee to ensure quality and suitability for the SRU Annual Meeting. For many residents, these posters enable them to attend the meeting with travel support from their residencies; for attendees, these posters are an excellent addition to the learning opportunities at the meeting.

1. The work must be primarily about clinical ultrasound imaging. The member-in-training submitting the work must have contributed substantively to the work for the study.
2. The submission can be a scientific poster or an education poster.

Scientific Poster
If the poster is a scientific poster, it shall consist of an abstract not to exceed 500 words, containing the following six elements in separate paragraphs:
- Background
- Purpose or objective of the study
- Materials and methods
- Results
- Conclusion
- Two to three references

Educational Poster
If the poster is an educational poster, it shall consist of an abstract not to exceed 500 words, containing the following five elements in separate paragraphs:
- Background
- Learning objectives
- Topics and information to be discussed
- Summary
- Two to three references

More than one submission is permissible.

Authors will have the opportunity to discuss their posters with attendees informally, at a designated time. If this is desired, authors must indicate their willingness to discuss the poster on the submission form. If selected for discussion, authors will need to bring the poster loaded onto their own laptop computer to display the poster for discussion purposes.



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