The taping of these lectures are sponsored by a grant from GE General Imaging Ultrasound. 

Speaker: Bob Kane, MD

Topic: Gallbladder Polyps

Speaker: Mindy M. Horrow, MD

Topic: Advancing Age, Cholecystectomy and the Bile Duct Diameter

Speaker: Ronald O. Bude, MD

Topic: Hyperechoic Renal Masses

Speaker: Cary Siegel, MD

Topic: Kidney Mass Biopsies

Speaker: Jason M. Wagner, MD

Topic: Core Salivary Gland Biopsies

Speaker: Thomas C. Winter III, MD

Topic: Coagulation Guidelines for Interventions

Speaker: Richard G. Barr, MD, PhD

Topic: Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound: The Nuts and Bolts

Speaker: Laurence Needleman, MD

Topic: Extremity Veins

Speaker: Roya Sohaey, MD

Topic: Cervical Length Measurements

Speaker: Liina Poder, MD

Topic: Placenta acreta/percreta

Speaker: Rochelle Andreotti, MD

Topic: Use of 3D in Pelvic Sonography - Routine or Selective