2018 Annual Meeting Lectures recordings
The taping of these lectures are sponsored by a grant from GE General Imaging Ultrasound


Plenary 1 - Alexandra Medellin- Abdomen Pain- Don't Miss the Bowel!

Mary C. Frates, MD- Post Thyroidectomy Recurrence

Beverly Hashimoto, MD- Breast Ultrasound: Problem Solving and Difficult Scenarios

Jon A. Jacobson, MD- Musculoskeletal - Soft Tissue Masses


Lori A Strachowski, MD- Pelvis Adnexa - Twists and Turns

Paula J Woodward, MD-Placenta - Accreta, Percreta, Previa, Vasa Previa

William D Middleton, MD-   Keynote Address - Scrotal Sonography: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Ami Gokli, MD- Presentation of Young Investigator Award Paper: Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound of the 
Bowel in Children with Suspected Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)


Harris L Cohen, MD- Pediatric Abdomen Emergencies

Michelle L Robbin, MD- Vascular - Stented Arteries

Mindy M Horrow, MD- Transplants - Perioperative Period


Rochelle Andreotti, MD- ACR O-RADS-The Future of Adnexal Mass Evaluation