Committees of SRU

Program Committee

The SRU Program Committee plans the educational content of the annual meeting.  The Program committee works with the executive board and administrative staff to plan the format and content of each of the educational sessions.  Members of the program committee organize and moderate specific sessions at the annual meeting.

Membership Committee

The SRU Membership and Outreach committee focuses on maintaining and growing membership of the SRU and connecting with current members of our society for continued engagement. Members of this committee interface with all aspects of the SRU to help facilitate communications regarding the opportunities in education, research, and teaching.

Research Committee

The SRU Research Committee is involved in promoting research projects involving newer applications of diagnostic sonography, theranostic sonography, clinical trials, and any innovative applications. The Research Committee evaluates research proposals, research abstracts, and electronic exhibits for the SRU meeting.  and evaluates and approves  seed grants for SRU investigators. Members monitor new opportunities for NIH/NCI funding from the Academy of Radiologic Research, which is supported by the SRU. 

Social Media Committee

The SRU Social Media Committee enhances the online presence and engagement of the SRU, manages the social media activities of the SRU and works to engage SRU members through the Society’s active social media outlets.  The committee produces and promotes content that showcases the activities and scholarship of the SRU.  A primary activity of the social media committee is posting the weekly interesting case “What is your sound diagnosis?” across social media platforms.   

Electronic Forum Committee

The SRU Electronic Forum committee oversees the SRU Forum, a place for members, fellows, and others interested in ultrasound to have a space for communication regarding all things ultrasound. Members of this committee monitor the site for new posts, facilitate conversations, and provide interesting or instructive cases.

Corporate Affairs Committee

The SRU Corporate Affairs Committee is responsible for fostering relationships and maintaining liaisons with the various commercial and industrial corporations that interact with the Society. The Committee monitors ways in which the resources available in the industrial and commercial sectors can be utilized by the Society and, in turn, how the Society can cooperate with the industrial and commercial sector to meets its standards and objectives. The Committee is responsible for fund-raising activities and obtaining corporate sponsorships necessary for any Society activity or program. The Committee is responsible for arrangements or activities involving corporate participation or interaction with the general membership meeting. 

Professional Practice and Standards Committee

The SRU Professional Practice and Standards (PPS) committee maintains the SRU roster on ACR Practice Parameters that involve ultrasound. Practice Parameters promote the safe and effective use of imaging by describing specific training, skills, techniques and recommended conduct. The goal of the Practice Parameters is to narrow the variability among radiology practices and provide guidance to achieve quality in radiology. They are based on analysis of current literature, expert opinion, open forum commentary and formal consensus. For SRU members, co-authoring an ACR Practice Parameter may result in a publication. The PPS committee serves as a resource and source of advice for SRU representatives on the parameter committees. The committee notifies the SRU membership regarding new published ultrasound standards and coding changes.

Training & Education Committee

The SRU Training and Education Committee is dedicated to training the next generation of Radiologists in ultrasound.  Members coordinate educational endeavors throughout the year as well as during the annual SRU meeting. Responsibilities include the popular “Lobby Talks” during the annual meeting, webinars held throughout the year between the annual meetings, and ultrasound curriculum guidelines for training programs.

Website Committee

The SRU Website Committee is responsible for ensuring that the face of the SRU on the internet ( remains functional, relevant, and up to date. This includes maintenance of content, suggestions for new content and links, and collaboration with other SRU committees to ensure robust representation of what the SRU has to offer for members and non-members alike.